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Replacement Truck Tarps

Your tarps can take quite a beating, from materials, improper care, weather, and other factors. The tarps on your vehicles play an important role, so it's vital that make sure you have a strong and secure tarp to hold in your loads.

replacement truck tarps

Tough Tarp Materials

There isn't much between your load and the elements. Make sure that your tarp is strong enough to protect against sun, rain, snow, and more. Roll-Rite uses only the highest quality material when making your tarp, helping you guard against damage to your load or equipment.

Our replacement truck tarps protect against ultraviolet rays from the sun which can weaken and damage lower-quality tarps. Our tarps are also designed to protect against rips and tears from materials in your truck, equipment used to load your vehicle, or other causes of wear and tear.

Perfect Fitting Replacement Tarps

Roll-Rite makes sure that your tarp fits your trailer perfectly. We have tarps for Timple, Wilson, and a wide array of other trailers. You can bring your trailer to our 6-bay facility in Council Bluffs or take advantage of our on-site installation and repair services.

We use state of the art equipment to make sure that your tarp is cut to the correct specifications. We want to make sure you have a secure work environment while protecting the load. We can help maximize your profits while reducing costs with our quality replacement truck tarps.

Custom Fit and Quality

We make sure that your replacement truck tarp is exactly what you need with our custom fit hem and clinch style tarp cap. We use a 22oz material with cast aluminum stops. Roll-Rite uses galvanized steel tarp bows and brackets with adjustable crank arms and crank handle retainers. We utilize a no-weld installation process to make sure that your tarp is convenient and safe.

Versatile Applications

Roll Rite is proud to serve Iowa and Nebraska with replacement truck tarps for construction, agriculture, firefighting, and more. We are able to help you with your replacement truck tarp needs and we look forward to helping you protect your investment and livelihood.

Give us a call today and learn more about what Roll Rite has to offer when it comes to replacement truck tarps.


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