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Take Advantage of On-Site Installation

on-site installationRoll-Rite Ag Products is proud to offer On-Site Installation. Let us come to your location and install your Roll-Rite tarp system. There's no need for you to come out in the weather, let us come to your garage or shop when it's convenient for you.

Our on-site installers are trained and know our tarp systems forward and back. We have the best products installed by the best in the business, so you'll have the peace of mind that your tarp is installed correctly and will work properly for years.

The hardware we use has been field-tested and we've used the input from users like you over the years to provide our customers the best tarp system on the market. Little details like the arms of the system being flush with the trailer to prevent them from snagging on buildings, augers, or other vehicles put us a step ahead of our competitors. We never use self-tapping bolts and we secure the system with lock nuts on the inside of the trailer. This secures the system without damaging your trailer and gives your rig a clean look.

We don't just throw your tarp system on your trailer or wagon, we make sure it looks as good as it works. Our installers secure the wires, so they aren't hanging down and possibly becoming dislodged or cut. The wires and harnesses are secured for a factory-installed look.

Our professional staff takes pride in our products and services. You'll find that we don't cut corners or skimp on quality, your rig is a big investment and we treat it like our own. Just because this is an aftermarket product doesn't mean it has to look shoddy or cheap. Our tarp systems look like they are factory installed and will provide you years of reliable service.

Contact Roll-Rite Ag Products today to learn more about our On-Site Installation service and all of our tarp systems and other products. We look forward to keeping you on the road and delivering a quality product.

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