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Properly Secure Your Loads for Everyone's Safety

secure your loadWe've all seen them driving down the highway: a vehicle on the side of the road while people pick up items that fell out; tarps flapping off the back of trucks; other unsecured loads making you nervous as you pass them.

Don't put others in danger or risk damaging your vehicle and belongings. Here are some tips to keep your load secure and safe.

Prepare Before You Load

Before you even put anything in the back of the truck, make sure you have the right tools and equipment. If you do a lot of hauling, you may want to invest in racks, non-skid bedliners, tonneau covers, and more. Make sure you are ready for whatever load you are going to be hauling.

Get the Right Tarp or Cover

You'll want to make sure that your tarp or cover entirely covers the load. A cover isn't effective if it doesn't cover the entire cargo.

Use the Right Tie-down

Although it may seem like any rope will work to tie down your load, you really should use ratchet straps or bungee cords. They will prevent your cargo from shifting or falling out. They are easier to tighten than clothesline or nylon rope.

Tie the Load Correctly

Now that you have the proper tie-downs, make sure you use them correctly. The straps or cords should be tied down from both sides and the best way is to criss-cross them in an 'X' across the cargo to minimize movement.

Know Your Truck's Capacity

Not every truck is the same and you need to make sure you don't overload the capacity. An overloaded truck is difficult to handle and can damage your vehicle. Located on the inside of the driver's door is a sticker that will tell you the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) so you know the limit of your truck.

Flag Long Loads

It's not only dangerous, but it's against the law to have a load sticking out of your truck that isn't clearly marked with a red flag or cloth to help other people see. Not every store has flags for your load, so be prepared and have some of your own in your truck.

Load Your Truck Correctly

When loading your cargo bed, make sure that the heaviest load is towards the front of the truck. If your vehicle has more weight in the back, it will be difficult to steer or brake.

It is very important that you are safe when you are carrying a load in your vehicle. You want to protect your load, your vehicle, yourself, and other drivers and their vehicles. Roll-Rite offers tarps, tonneau covers, and other covers for your truck. Contact us today to learn more about operating a safe vehicle.


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