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Extending the Life of Your Tarp

Our tarps are some of the strongest ones on the market, but just like everything else, there comes a time where you have to retire one and replace it. Here are some tips to keep in mind on getting the most from your tarp and when to decide if you need to replace your tarp.

Prolonging the Life of Your Tarp

replace your tarpYou can make sure you get the most out of your tarp by securing it properly. Make sure that the tension is correct and doesn't flap around in the wind. You can adjust the tension of the tarp by making sure the grommets are all used and secured correctly.

Make sure that the tarp isn't rubbing on different points by using braces or caps on your loads. When storing the tarp, make sure that it is rolled up evenly.

If you are hauling grain or other things that attract pests and rodents, you'll want to protect your tarp from being chewed on by them. Make sure the top rails and latch plates are clear of corn or other grains. Also, make sure that the folded areas of the tarp are free from grain materials. By keeping the area free of things for the rodents to eat, they'll go somewhere else to have dinner or make nests.

Finding a rip or tear in your tarp doesn't necessarily mean you have to replace it. You can repair it with a professional repair kit or vinyl cement. This only is an option if the tear is small, bigger rips will probably cause the tarp to be replaced.

Replacing Your Tarp

If the time has come to replace your tarp, Roll-Rite Ag Products is here to help you choose the right one. We have a wide selection of tarps, conversion kits, and accessories and we provide on-site installation. Contact us today to learn more about the outstanding products that we offer.

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