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Common Problems With Roll Tarps

common problems with tarpsWe can all agree that having a strong, working tarp is an important part of your trucking business. It's the best way to keep grain, gravel, and other loose items inside your trailer. If your tarp isn't working correctly, though, you may have a hard time keeping your load safe and dry.

Without a working tarp, you may lose some of your payload or have problems with water or pests ruining the product.

Roll-Rite Ag Products has some tips to help you keep your tarp in tip-top shape. Here are three common problems that we and our customers report they encounter with their tarps and spooling system.

The Motor Has Trouble Unrolling The Tarp

If you have an electric roll tarp, there may be times where the electric motor has a problem unrolling the tarp. In some cases, the motor may be failing, but if that is not the problem, then it could be the arm pivot mounts. If the pivot mounts are too tight, you can adjust the tension.

A looser tarp will be easier for the motor to unroll. In most cases, an electric motor fails all at once, instead of slowly dying, which indicates that the motor is not at fault.

Tarp Does Not Roll Evenly Due to Arms or Springs

If the frame arms are not centered and parallel, the spooling system will not work properly. If the arms are not aligned correctly, the tarp will not roll out properly. The most likely problem is a bad tube arm or spring. This can occur any time the tarp is rolling, either on or off.

Check the tension springs on the frame arms first. If the spring is bad, you can easily replace it. Keep in mind that all the springs were installed at the same time, so if one is worn out, they are all probably in a similar condition. You may as well replace them all at the same time instead of having a problem again later.

If the springs are all in good condition, then you may have a bent or broken tube arm. If it is bent, most times you can straighten it out; however, if the arm is broken, you'll have to replace the tube.

Tarp is Not Rolled Correctly

If you bought a used tarp system or had it installed by a less than knowledgeable installer, there is a chance that the tarp is not squared up correctly. If the tarp is off-center or crooked, you'll have to remove the tarp and reinstall it.

Roll-Rite Ag Products Can Help

We offer professional installation and repair services. If your tarp system is not working correctly, give us a call and let us help you. We want to help make your tarp experience easy and convenient. Contact us today to learn more about the products and services that we offer.

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